Missing Art on Remote - HELP! [Resolved]

All my album art and artist art shows perfectly on my iMac. However, only a very few albums or artists show artwork on my iPad remote. Seems like this would be related to where things are stored and the path to those locations, but with all the hidden backups, etc. I cant seem to figure it out. I have recently attempted to migrate Roon Core to another device and I’m sure somewhere along the way, things got disconbobulated. Can someone please throw me a lifeline?

Hi @Bruce_Orr,
On the iPad, try … Roon Settings --> Setup --> Clear Image Cache

If that does not work, uninstall the Roon iOS application and then reinstall.

I have tried to correct my problem with missing artwork on my iPad by restoring the most recent backup database. I did it from within the Back Up section of the Roon app on my iMac. (Find Your Backup). I dont know if doing it from the Log-In page would create different results, but nothing has changed. Everything is perfect on my iMac, but no artwork for albums or artists on the iPad. Music plays fine.

Ah-hah – Maybe I should restore an earlier backup? I’ll try.

Problem persists. Tried restoring an earlier back up done 3 days ago and there was a problem with the file and would not restore. So, I am back to restoring the most recent backup (which after checking is twice as large a file).

But the problem remains on my iPad - no album or artist artwork whatsoever - even though every thing is perfect on the iMac

Still drowning. Help, please!

Hi @Bruce_Orr ----- Thank you for the report and sorry to her of the troubles with your remote device. Being as your artwork is not having issues on your iMac (which I am assuming is your core machine) have you simply tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application on the remote?


Ahh. Now why didn’t I think of that?! Simple. Encouraging. I’ll try as soon as I get home.

Thanks for your help.

Eric - problem solved!! Deleting and re-downloading the Temote app on iPad was exactly what was needed. Thanks very much. Looking back, seems like I should have had that on my list to try. Too simple and dead-on for me. Thanks again.

My plan is to have separate Cores on two different devices - one an iMac (current) that plays thru the InnuOS Zenith SE and Moon DAC.

Separately I want a different Core license on the InnuOS using its library to play thru the DAC.

The problem you just resolved seems to imply I might fall victim to the same problem using a Roon remote app that switches back and forth between the two Cores and 2 libraries from a single iPad.

What do you think?

I think this should be ok, but you’ll want to make sure the two Libraries are running different databases. The artwork cache on the remote can get into trouble if it’s looking at two different copies of the same database.

I’m not sure I’m fully clear on why you want two libraries, but I don’t think this should be an issue.

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Thanks, Mike.

Glad the above helped, @Bruce_Orr!

Happy listening!