Missing Artist Info in Playlist

I have found at least three albums that when I add them to a playlist, there is no artist info listed. These are all classical and Tidal titles. I have not done anything other than add from Tidal and add a track to a playlist. The albums / Artist(s) where I’ve seen this are:
Boyer: Symphony No. 1 / Peter Boyer and the London Philharmonic Orchestra
Journey / L. Subramiam and Øystein Baadsvik
Mozart: Apokryphe Klavierwerke / Annette Töpel

Sadly too, there are no notes for these albums or the main artists.

Screenshots for the Mozart:
Roon playlist:

Tidal view:

For me, the Topel album all displayed the Artist. Only Track 5 on Journey displayed the artist and none of the tracks on the Boyer symphony displayed the artist.

This is due to there being no Primary Artist in the credits for those tracks. I removed the Boyer first track from the playlist, added him as primary artist to that track, re-added the track to the playlist and got his credit to show up.

I’m puzzled why should it be necessary to do this in Roon when Tidal already shows an artist for all the tracks? I’m sure there’s a lot to the interface to deal with but it seems, at least from my (limited) vantage point that it would mean it all comes across for Roon to display.

Well, you could do what I did and add the data.

@Rugby, thanks, I know there’s that option. I’m just questioning things a bit though too. Here’s what shows up for the Boyer for me, so shouldn’t any track show an artist if all tracks are credited? The same is true for the other two albums I listed, they show at least one “player” for all tracks. Or else, what is an artist from the Roon viewpoint?


Well, the Playlist Artist listing relies on “Primary Artist”. As you can see, neither is listed as primary artist. Composers are not treated as Primary Artist and I don’t think conductors are either.

What you can do and will probably solve your issue is to go to the Playlist, go to the Settings Gear on the far Right and add “Album Artist” to the Playlist View.

Which makes sense for Classical Albums, I guess. Modern Albums are usually a Primary Artist.

Thanks, I think that will mostly get me there. :slight_smile: Still, if I understand correctly, Roon has some holes in Track Artist or whatever the heck it is.