Missing artwork @ Qobuz and Tidal

Today all artwork on Qobuz, Tidal and the radio stations is gone. Artwork from my own album lib is still displayed correctly. How can I fix it?

Have you tried rebooting your Roon Core?

Yes. It’s a QNAP TVS-951X running Roon

I think we should flag @support

Hi @Andi_Buchner,

Welcome to the forum. Can you please let me know some more information here?

  1. What kind of Roon Remote are you using to control the QNAP? Windows/iOS/Android?

  2. Is the behavior the same from multiple Roon Remotes or just one in particular?

  3. Is there any change in behavior if you log out and back in to TIDAL/Qobuz via the Roon Settings -> Services tab?

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