Missing artwork suggestion

Oh my dear goodness, is there really not a picture of my lovely Blossom Dearie in the interwebby thing anywhere? What about an option to upload one if the artist pic is missing?

It appears there are loads… :blush:

Or is this still version 1.6 gradually getting its act all together…

You can edit artist pics on the Artist Page.

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ideally if one can’t be found online use the Album art…thats a suggestion for roon but I understand that the display album art is going to be returning again…sooner than later I hope

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That works a treat, I keep forgetting Roon is a library management system and can do such things - been so used to Qobuz for so long! I was wondering though obviously this only works for me, no one else will see my Blossom Dearie artist pic? And it only works on artists in my library so far - I wonder if Roon will begin tidying up Qobuz metadata at some point, with the help of user input maybe?