Missing Bruckner Symphony

I have a set of Bruckner’s 4th, 7th and 9th symphonies performed by Gerd Schaller. I downloaded all three symphonies into my iTunes database. When I try to listen to the 7th, it doesn’t show up in Roon. I have reloaded the disc several times. The 4th and 9th show up. I tried searching the conductor, the orchestra, and the work, all without success. What’s going on?
Second question. I Have a five disc set of Beethoven symphonies performed by Herbert Blomstedt and the Dresden Staatskapelle Orchestra. How do I collect all nine symphonies under one entry?

Hello @Clark_Varnell,

while I don’t know how to solve the missing 7th problem I’ve some ideas regarding the grouping of your Beethoven set.

If the disc set shows up as separate albums, you could merge those together with the “merge albums” feature - see this knowledge base article: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Merge_Albums

An alternative approach would be to add a tag to the separate albums, like “Blomstedt - Beethoven Symphonies”. The albums would still be listed separately but with the tag you could also access the entire set.

Hi @Clark_Varnell,

Missing 7th

May I ask that you check to see if the file in question is showing up in the skipped files section of Roon?

We have some great documentation about missing files in Roon that I definitely recommend you check out. If the track is not skipped but just wasn’t added to the album, you can filter by file path and then merge that group into an album.

If you’re still unable to find it, can you share a screenshot of the media in it’s storage location?

5 Disc Set

As u_gee mentioned above, you can use the merge albums function to combine albums.

I also recommend you check out our documentation on multi-disc sets. That article has great instructions for making sure your media can be best identified by Roon.

Thank you for your response.

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