Missing Composer on Boxset

Below is a snapshot of a 63-disc boxset. Nowhere are the composers displayed, making it impossible to identify the pieces unless you know them already. (Composers are tagged, in case you were wondering.)

This really should be fixed. Thanks.

The composer metadata are on Musicbrainz: https://musicbrainz.org/release/08254841-645d-4141-b5ef-a63d6a1b8aae

Hi @John_V,

The composer data is only shown by default if there is a top-level Classical genre (or Jazz genre) applied. Can you try adding Classical to the genres and see if that helps here?

That sorta works. The Roon tag (see below) will not stay checked/selected. Set it, then return, and it unsets itself. And no composers are revealed.

However, the plain icon “classical” stays set and works. Thanks for the tip.