Missing cover art of an album?

missing cover art of an album?

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I always put a jpg of the cover into the album folder. Not only because Roon does not have every cover of the world (nevertheless, the art library is huge). It is because sometimes you find albums with different cover art on the market. So you can decide which one you need or you can select your own, depending on the edition of the album you own.

Hey @freejazz,

I believe that what you’re referring to is explained by our product manager here:

Please, let mw know if I missed something :nerd_face: :relieved:

I am not sure, if this answers the question of Jose_Garcia. He does not visited this feed again and seems not want to more concretize his issue.
But indeed, the opportunities with the artist pictures are tremendous.

Hey @freejazz,

Thanks a lot for chiming in. We are aware of some issues with loading artist images and we’re sorry about the trouble. A solution is in the works:

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