Missing date on exploring all albums

Maybe I missed a setting, but if I choose eg any band and go to the main albums there is a date for each album, I now click on show all albums then the dates are gone … why is this?

Hi @Kees_Meijer,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?


@dylan - it’s simply that on any Artist page, the “Main Albums” sections are always in date order, with the dates clearly shown in text along with the titles/artist under the cover art; but if you follow the “View All Main Albums” links, then while the albums are still shown in date order, the actual dates are not shown in text, only the titles/artist…

It’s always been this way, I think…

@Kees_Meijer - on the main Artist page, the Main Albums section is scrollable ( arrows at the ends of the album rows), so this is the workaround for now to see the dates of all albums

hi yes i know about the arrow scrolling.
But it would by easier to show them always…is this possible??

Hi @Kees_Meijer,

Thanks for the clarification. At this time the Album browser doesn’t display dates like the other screen. You have our apologies for the inconvenience here, and I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along.

Hi Dylan, I also would love to see the album year on the “All Main Albums” page (like is shown on the Artist page). I use “All Main Albums” a lot when exploring. The year is important to me as it puts the albums in context. I am using the scroll workaround on the Artist page, but it is an inconvenience.

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