Missing favourite Radio Stations

I cannot find three of our favourite stations

FeMale radio Jakarta - my wife’s favourite
Smooth FL - Lisboa - great mellow stain that takes me back there
YLE Klassinen Suomi - superb Finnish classical station

Please could these be added?

I’ve added FeMale Radio and Smooth FM (assuming your Smooth FL was a typo).

Smooth is the first Portuguese station and we don’t currently have a geographic location for Portugal. You need to use the magnifying glass to search for it. (It’s on Roon’s list of things to do)

I can’t add the other Smooth FM stations as they all use a chunked HLS stream which Roon can’t handle. Fortunately I found an alternative for their main stream.

Ditto the YLE Finnish station. I’ve tried before. Please add finnish Yle.
The Roon devs are aware of the ‘chunking’ limitation.

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