Missing feature: Autoplay all tracks in "tracks" tab

When selecting a track in the “tracks” tab, the track that plays after that one, seems to be random. I have not turned on “shuffle” or “radio”, so I am wondering why Roon does not simply play next track on the list. Instead, I have to create a playlist with all of my tracks, and manually add new tracks to that list every time I add a new track to my “track” list.

Am I missing something here, or is it simply not possible to have the tracks in the “tracks” tab play in order?

Hi Kristian,

You can play Tracks in order outside a Playlist by selecting them and using the Play controls in the selection header:

You can “Select All” from the top left menu, but I experienced some instability when trying to select 250,000 Tracks. I’d suggest narrowing the selection with Focus tools to avoid that.

Unlike iTunes and other apps, everything you play in Roon gets added to the queue, so generally you’re going to either be playing specific content in a specific order (“play ‘Kind Of Blue’, then ‘Blue Train’”), or you’ll be shuffling content (“Play all my Jazz” or “Shuffle all my Led Zeppelin”).

You can also play a single track and Roon will automatically continue playing similar content from your library. This can be turned off, but there’s no way to queue your entire library alphabetically in a single click, like you might get in iTunes. You can always shuffle everything you’re browsing, but queuing thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of tracks in order can only be done by selecting them all, as @andybob mentioned above.

Feel free to open a feature request if you’d like us to make a change here, but in general Roon is designed to highlight relevant context for your music – we really try to make it easy to shuffle a certain decade or producer (“play everything Phil Ramone produced”, "play songs similar to ‘So What’") as opposed to playing, say Astrud Gilberto after AC/DC, just because they both start with A.

Hope that helps!