Missing files - way to export tracks Roon knows about [Answered]

I have a 50 file discrepancy between JRiver and Roon (JRiver has +50). JRiver matches the # of music files actually in my music folder (and subfolders).

Roon is only showing that it skipped 1 file (a known corrupted file from a scratched CD). I have gone through the help topics for tips on finding the rest (files and directory names Roon might skip, for example), but am still having trouble figuring out exactly which files Roon is missing.

I there a way to export the file names Roon does know about to a spreadsheet? I could then use this as a comparison. Or better yet, enhance the “Skipped File” section to include ALL files that are skipped, along with a reason (corrupt, not a music file, filter filename, bad directory name, etc.).

It’s frustrating to know that Roon is missing files and having no good way of identifying them. I’m open to suggestions!


ON Windows, Go to Tracks, Ctrl-A to select all, 3 dot menu at top, choose Export, click on Excel tab — might do the trick for you.

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Thanks. I was able to export the list and am thankful it included filename in the export even though it doesn’t appear on the screen. I’ll track down the discrepancies from here.

Now that I have the list, I see what the problem is. Roon hides duplicates of the same file. For example, I have several recordings where I have downloaded 96/24 FLAC, DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256 versions. All files are found by Roon, and it categorizes them correctly as other versions, but apparently doesn’t include them consistently in track counts. I suspect this is also related to the problem I reported where Roon displays a nonsensical track count (Track: 14871 of 14531):

The nonsensical track count problem is clearly a bug. The missing files can be explained with better documentation.

Do you have Hide Dupllicates set to on under General Settings?

You can add path to the Tracks browser:

Ahhh. Good to know. I was looking for “file name”.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I toggle it - the upper and lower X of Y track counts both change by 49 (the number of duplicate tracks I have). Perhaps something else is at play.