Missing George Michael tracks

OK, So I have george Michael album Faith on my hard drive, but when i search George Michael and click on the Faith album, only 3 songs show up, even tho i have the whole album…??? What is this fundamental problem with roon???

Have you tried to Edit > Force Rescan on the Album ? May help

The other way is cut the album , paste outside of Roon, Clean Database and then reimport

Could be corrupt?

Hi @Steven_Zore,

Do any of these tracks show up in Skipped Files?

No, Thank you for replying.

OK, but I have over 20,000 albums in my collection!!! What, all of a sudden Roon is a full time job??? I like Roon, but it has a lot of flaws!

Managing 20k albums is never going to be easy :joy:

Hi @Steven_Zore,

Are you able to find these tracks when filtering by Path?

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