Missing icons on Now Playing screen

I have registered a ongoing problem on the screen playing screen.
I have lost 4/5 icons including the turning cog top right hand corner that means I cannot display bio, artist pictures, lyrics.
Interestingly the icons show on the Roon remote??
This bug has happened since last build.

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Please could you be kind enough to revisit the bug issue above as the latest build implemented 6th July 2021 has not rectified my problem as promised by yourselves.


Hey @Gareth_Tuffery, sorry for the trouble – would you mind posting a screenshot here of the missing icons? And if you don’t mind, let me know what device (eg “iPad Air”, “Dell XPS 13”) you’re seeing the problem on. Thanks!

@kevin - Gareth has misinterpreted what I said about the fixing of this bug, and he thinks I work for Roon. See this thread:

Please read your email above.
Build 806 does not address my issue which was promised by yourself.

I have updated to 806 today Tuesday 6th July 2021and my issue still lives on strong and loud.

Extremely disappointed!!

This is not my fault!!!:cry::-1::-1:

I promised a future release - I did not say which one (because I don’t know - I don’t work for Roon).


Hi Geoff,
Thank you for your response how do I escalate a response from the Roon team?

Hi Kevin,
Please see above.

The gear wheel has disappeared which has removed my options to select artist photo or lyrics etc.

I understand this is a bug and was surprised to see it had not been addressed in the latest update as I was led to believe this would happen on this update?

Thanks Gareth

Apologies just on my Apple IMAC it’s all ok on my iPad on the ROON remote.

Hi, @Gareth_Tuffery , could you, please, answer the following questions:



Same for me on both platforms, I do hope this bug is going to be fixe.

NUC i5, 16g, win10
IPad 5gen version 14.4.2

Hi Ivan,
Thank you for reaching out to me I can confirm with you my set up on my IMAC is the same as above.

I have lost the icons ( gear wheel) on any app window size basically these icons have just disappeared from my screen.