Missing information and artwork

I just copied all my music files to a new destination. ANd now I am missing some covers and information which I edited. I have made no changes on the core. I just changed the library. When I switch back to my old storage all informations are here again. Can you help?

Did you follow this procedure:



Hey @Rainer_Drechsler,

As @anon47919701 mentioned, when you’re moving your library you want to follow the steps listed in this article.

If you have a backup from before you moved your library, the best option is to restore that backup and then start the library migration over, using the steps listed in the above article.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks for your help. I tied 3 times. Still the same situation: When I connect to old server all information ist visible and when I connect to new server some of the edited information ist lost. Even when I restore the backup. Now I am going to edit information again.
But anyway thanks for help! Rainer

Have you checked if - after changing the storage location as suggested in the knowledge base article - Roon is still scanning the library (again) to update its internal information? Maybe if you provide screenshots of the steps you took it’s easier to spot what went wrong?

PS: I’m sure this works because I’ve done it recently.

Thanks! I believe I did something wrong. But I used my weekend freetime to edit the data and now I think I am up to date. Thanks again!

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