Missing Karajan Box Set


Just imported the Herbert von Karajan: Complete Recordings on Deutsches Gramophon. There 10 volumes , Roon is mis identifying Volume 1 as Volume 3

All 10 volumes are present in the Music Brainz database

So far I have imported Volume 1 , I have all composers in place in tags but none show in the track details as they normally do


Is this the box set with 330 CDs? If so, the very best of luck…

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no a mere 240

Not sure what you mean. If you saying that they are not at the top, each is displayed under each composition because they are all different. As for track 2, check to see if the credits displayed as “Herbert von Karajan, Alfred Scholz” are treated as one entity or two persons.

About the boxset: Geoff is right. Good luck. Unless I misunderstand, you can simply change the name of the 6-disc album to read “…Vol. 1”

If you look at this pic and a “normal” one , a normal one would say “Composed By Mozart” etc

These discs don’t even though the Composer tag is set correctly


Can’t read…

Hmmm. First, try editing/Edit Credit/Remove Credit and double check that your composer is there. I assume you’ve done that.

The only other thing I can imagine is that the IDing process has “taken over” the tag responsibilities and is paying no attention to your composers. (Grabbing at straws here). This can be tested by un-IDing your album (careful tho, this loses edits) and seeing if they show up then.

Not much help. Sorry.

PS: why two orchestras for one performance? (track 2)

2 orchestras is easy if wrong , the 2 pieces are by different orchestra

I even Prefer File instead of Roon makes no difference

I’ll play some more


I was referring to the overture from Die Fliedermaus. It’s just one piece (track), but it has two orchestras and two conductors showing. I won’t say that can’t be, but…but…it can’t be.

Still no comment from @support ?


Bumpity Bump !!

I have had to remove the box set from the library pending.

Its simply unrecognized and un-navigable , all 240 CD’s

I can split out individual albums in some cases and Roon recognizes them but that is a bit more than a lobour of love


Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

We’ve been looking into this one. The good news is that the metadata exist (in MusicBrainz). The bad news is that, like a number of other large boxsets (e.g. Mozart 225 / Complete Mozart Edition), they have broken the rules, split the boxset into multiple smaller sets, and assigned them as different releases of the same thing. This clearly isn’t the case, but it fools our current metadata system into thinking that they are.

So what’s happening is that one of these “releases” (box 3) “wins”, and the others vanish completely from search.

However, if you manually identify as box 3, all 10 sub-sets are available as the different editions in the identification wizard. The disc numbers are correct, so if your discs are also numbered correctly, splitting them up into the sets as per MusicBrainz should make this less painful.

See https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/0eb70f80-7d09-4554-8b54-ebc157098ab6

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to prevent this kind of thing happening and can confirm that it’s fixed in unreleased dev code that we want to release as soon as we can. However, it will still be 10 smaller boxsets rather than one huge one.

For the future, we’re going to investigate the viability of re-joining these MusicBrainz boxset fragments into the actual boxset. The metadata linked to above are actually quite clean, but other boxsets are pretty bad and it’s not easy to figure out that a single item has been split.

We hope this solution works for you for now. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Initially the set was numbered 1 - 247

I saw how MusicBrainz did and replicated the 10 Volumes each numbered 1 - x

Still No Joy , it only finds Volume 3

Even loading boxes individually doesn’t give me a recognition

This is Box 1 the smallest (6 discs)

You can see it identifies as a Compilation which is normally a No ID ?

Also showing just the first 2 tracks there is no Composer shown on the track which is abnormal

The credits shows all the Composers correctly


This is Disc 3, as you can see its a Symphony split to parts OK but no idea who composed it

Very unhelpful in box of this size



I see the 10 “releases” in your shot Accepting 1 of 10 gives 100% correct for the tracks

So I save BUT I still see no composers as per the shot above


Hi @Mike_O_Neill ----- Thank you for the continued feedback, the insight is appreciated!

Can you please confirm if in you are “preferring file tags” in your settings? Additionally, can you also verify what your “show composer” field is set to in Roon?


Show Composer is Set to “Default”, setting to “Always” improves matters but not 100% . It also shows the Composer as “Wagner” not Richard Wagner as I would expect.

My tags are set Composer = Surname only so it looks like that’s where its coming from

All other Metadata settings at Album level are set default Prefer Roon

Changing the Show composer setting has improved life