Missing Lithuania Radio Stations

What I have to do in order Lithuanian radio stations appear in Roon? I also would like to add to Roon live stream stations like Radio Svoboda (USA broadcast for Russia)

Hello @Valerijus_Jasiulevic , I’ve added Radio Svoboda for you (based in Latvia it seems). Please check if OK.

If you let me know which Lithuanian stations you want I’ll endeavour to add them for you.

Hi Brian, actually I am in Lithuania. Thank you.

How do I find the station ? I mean Radio Svoboda. I can’t find it, sorry.
Lithuanian stations are:
Lietuvos Radijas
Ziniu Radijas
Lietuvos Radijas KLASIKA

Thank you.

The easiest way is to use the magnifying glass and search for Radio Svoboda.

Hello @Valerijus_Jasiulevic , I’ve added
Lietuvos Radijas
Lietuvos Radijas KLASIKA
Ziniu Radijas
for you. Please check if OK.

They are all in live radio > categories > locations > Lithuania but it is easier to use the magnifying glass.

Hi Brian, I can see (and hear) Lithuanian radios now, thank you! They shouldn’t appear under RUSSIAN though, Lithuanian is very different from Russian.

I can’t find Radio Svoboda either. It should appear under RUSSIAN, or not?

Kindest regards

Hello Valerijus, I’m not sure I understand.

The three Lithuanian stations are flagged as being in Lithuania (with language Lithuanian).

I don’t see Russian anywhere.

And Radio Svoboda is there… either use the magnifying glass or country Latvia or language Russian.

Hello Brian,
thank you!
I can’t see Latvia as a country, and no Latvian language. When I click on Russian language I get 8 stations, but no Radio Svoboda.

And what do you mean with Magnifying glass?

Live Radio > Categories > Locations will get you Latvia.

If instead you have filtered by languages, then it often the case that not all stations are shown at first; you need to hit the more option to get the rest of the Russian stations. See

An alternative to all this is to use the magnifying glass and simply type the station name. It’s the little symbol I’ve circled top right in that last image.

Thanks, Brian! Now everything is clear. You are the best :slight_smile:

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