Missing many albums

Thanks Mike. These aren’t the same album. They reversed the order of the words in the title which is partly confusing. Here’s the difference between them:

  1. “Music Complete” - Came out in 2015 - Has 11 new tracks.
  2. “Complete Music” - Came out in 2016, it’s a 2CD release that has tracks with the same titles, but they are all remixed and extended (thus the need for 2CD’s). The confusing thing is that the titles are all the same so I can see how they can get confused but all the titles in my tags have “Original Title - Extended Mix.flac”.

Finally, the article you referred to states:

       _Roon automatically looks for duplicate albums in your library. If any tracks or albums have similar artist and album info, and also have similar lengths, Roon considers them to be duplicates_

It appears that length is not a factor here as the tracks on “Complete Music” are more than double in length. FWIW, both albums are in the same format (FLAC).

Just to make sure I’m understanding – these two albums were automatically marked as duplicates? Do they both have 11 tracks?

Yes and Yes. Both have 11 tracks with the same names even (but the tags all had XYZ - Extended.flac format for the extended album, “Complete Music”). Major difference is the album title and the track length and size.