Missing "Merge Artists" option in "All Artist Search Result for "[ARTIST]"

Hi, the option “Merge Artists” is missing after you select “VIEW ALL >” right on the artist section.
The page is called “All Artist Search Result for “[ARTIST]””
It is needed for really generic artist names, for me this is true with the artist “Lawrence”, it has 6 occurrences in my library, but the ‘Main’ artist is not visable in the first search page.

The selected artists must be in your library. You can ensure this by toggling the Only show my library switch.

I only use a local library.

Search result:

Artist search result:

My apologies, you are quite right.

If you want to merge your artists you need to take a different route. Via the main side bar menu on the left you must do a filter on “Lawrence” rather than a search:

Hamburger → Artists → Filter “Lawrence”

If you highlight the “Lawrences” you want then you can merge them. Often this is very difficult to do in larger libraries as the artists you want to merge will be spread out over dozens of pages you must scroll through.

On the main Artists screen you may also find that many of your Lawrences do not show up. This is because roon makes a distinction between artists and performers and only allows you to merge artists with primary artist links. If you do not see the Lawrences you want you are first going to have to open up an album with a Lawrence and create those additional primary artist links.

Three dots → Edit → Edit Album → Add Primary Artist

Usually you want to add all the “Lawrences” roon suggests but you obviously need to double check before adding them prior to a merge that they are really the same artist.

Once you have done this all your Lawrences will show up in the Artists page and you can highlight and merge them.

This is quite a rigmarole so several feature requests to simplify this process have been raised going back many years. I’m not sure why it has such a low priority. Probably because in principle it should not be happening as this artist equivalencing should be being caught upstream when roon ingests metadata from its suppliers. My experience though, is that it is extremely common for artist equivalents to slip through roons equivalencing logic making a manual edit necessary.


Hello @Robbert_N, were you able to merge the artists using Tony’s directions? Please let me know!

I’ve been able to merge with another workaround:
I’ve merged the first 3 Lawrences, and after that in the same search I’ve merged the last 2 with the previous merged.

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