Missing Metadata for Mozart and Yim Hok-Man

I have spent much time repairing many of my music files and identifying those with the correct metadata. There are a couple albums that I have not been able to find a match. If you could please help me locate or provide the metadata for these :

Yim Hok-Man - Master of Chinese Percussion II



Mozart - Symphonies Nos.38 and 41 Bruno Walter conducting

I have provided links to the correct albums.

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It may just be “too obscure”

It’s in musicbrainz and AllMusic so Roon should see it , the artist name in Chinese characters so maybe the problem

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Thank you Mike.

That is the first album and I have found that. It is the second album with the same title that is missing :

Yim Hok-Man - Master of Chinese Percussion II (2)



It’s a fascinating album , I looked it up on Tidal

It is from Harry Pearson’s Super Disk List!

Any luck finding the second album?

No its not in MusicBrainz , it quite old and probably obscure.

Roon , as far as we know, looks up data from either AllMusic(Tivo) or MusicBrainz

Its not too uncommon for Roon to draw a blank, especially if the disc is “extracted” from a Box Set . Roon is looking for a released album , often box CD’s are padded with extra tracks . This is common where the original was an LP say 45 mins , padded to 67 mins etc and hence are not the “original release”.

You don’t mention how big your library is and how many unidentified you have. No matter how good Roon is its not 100% especially with classical stuff ,I have about 6000 albums with 72 unidentified , its not a bad score. If your unidentified is low its not too big a deal

My CD collection is a fraction of your size. This is the only album I do not have a cover or tracking information for so I just hid it. I do understand that Roon will be challenged finding exceptionally rare albums.

Thank you for your time on this,


I just wanted to note that we looked and confirmed that we don’t have data from our metadata providers on these albums. We do get data from MusicBrainz, so if you were to enter album information there we will be able to pick up that information. Please note that this isn’t an instant process and will take some time to make its way to your Roon library.