Missing music from Tidal

I have 2 concerns. One is why an album and its music are not available on Roon playlists suddenly and is replaced by No Longer Available on Tidal? The 2nd more important question is why the Roon software is designed so poorly that it does not pick up on the fact that the missing music is available on QoBuz. I have both services and they are both linked to Roon. So must I continuously be a monitor/gatekeeper to detect when my music is suddenly no longer available on Roon? This is not acceptable for a not bargain basement service.

Quite often the licensing agreement for a specific album runs out and obviously Tidal can no longer provide it

Is this likely to be your issue ? I very occasionally see an odd track in an album is missing but that’s rare

It’s also the case that albums/tracks which appear to have been lost in playlists are actually still available (but in a different index ‘location’). Try searching for the albums tracks in Tidal. Quite often I find that I can locate and re-add them to my playlists.

A bit annoying, but no more than that. I suspect that the issue lies with Tidal rather than Roon, but I can’t be sure.