Missing my C15 display

Is anyone making a similar product that is touch only and not a full computer?
It would need to live on my hard wired network.

No idea what a c15 display is … maybe a link and or more info please


Sorry, should not assume.
Meridian C15 touch screen control panel for the Sooloos system.
i have migrated from a Sooloos system to Roon/Nucleus system.
The C15 is not compatible w/Roon. See link below.
Thank you for your replay to my post.



A tablet running the Roon Remote app is probably the closest alternative.

Grab a used iPad Mini 4 from eBay.

Thank you for your suggestions, but I am currently using an iPad with Roon.
Its just that I miss the larger screen of the C15, I liked walking up to my book case where it was placed and just taping the screen a choosing something to play. It was a different experience they picking up an iPod.

James, I think you want something like this discontinued product: