Missing number of albums to display setting

I cannot locate the setting in 1.8 to update the number of album covers displayed on either my laptop or my 12.9 iPad Pro. I am seeing less than 50% of the number of albums displayed as I was with older versions of Roon. On my MacBook Pro I see 10 (2 rows of 5) and on my iPad only 20 (4 rows of 5) in vertical and 18 in Horizontal (3 rows of 6) . That is way to few compared to the older versions.

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There isn’t a setting in 1.8.

I hope you are wrong. This makes if virtually useless for me. Having to scroll thru thousands of albums page by page. I also am missing the “abc” at the Botton to allow jumping within the alphabet


On my laptop, I am able to choose how the Album list is sorted. When sorted by Artist, I can begin typing to find the artist name or just go to a specific letter. The same idea works when sorted by album title, as the keyboard filters to the album title name. The other sorting options do not allow this type of searching.

There is a scroll bar to the right that shows the starting letter of the Artist (assuming you’re sorting by artist) as it moves. It’s very quick.

There’s also a Filter where you can type in the album or artist name.

Thanks but not as quick as selecting a letter and jumping there. You have to scroll thru all of the additional pages created when the number of albums displayed on the screen has decreased by a significant amount.

Thanks Jim for that hint. The does change how I would have search in the artist view rather than album view but I could live with that.

Now we can get back to the number of albums displayed on each page.

Jim. There seems to be a problem with how that works. It must not look at my metadata for the artists name. For example I have edited the artist field for my movie/TV soundtracks and scores to be listed under “Score” as the artist. When I type in SC to jump to score it only shows one or two albums and not the 45 I have in my library. By the way it is very slow in finding all of the albums for an artist when I have tried this.


It is still “significantly” slower than in the past in populating the screen.

Having similar issues. Tho I’m noticing on the artist pages. Only showing albums I’ve added to My Library - either local files or Tidal - but not showing rest of the artist’s main albums and singles in Tidal that I have not yet added to my library

Also error message about Roon Radio nor working, limited to Library.

Is there really no way to increase them? (I haven’t updated core yet) I just don’t get why companies always move in the direction of providing less information to you…


In the Album list, you can select all albums (keyboard keys CTRL+A) and then edit the metadata preferences to use “Prefer file” over the default Roon version. Maybe that will help?

In Artist View, you are most likely just looking at Albums in my Library under the Overview Tab. Click the Discography Tab and you will see all albums for the artist.

Apparently Roon metadata servers are under extreme load right now. They are trying to fix it.

Cheers, Greg

One other thing you might try is to go into Settings > General and make sure Always Show the Sidebar (when space permits) is set to No on your MacBook Pro.

Cheers, Greg

I am still only presented with 2 rows of 6 covers. I am used to seeing at least 28 or more.

My problem is not with all albums in my library and Tidal not showing, they are all available, My issue is that I used to see at least 4 or 5 rows of 7 or more albums on one screen. Now I only see 2 rows of 6 albums. I would like the ability to increase from two rows to at least 4 or 5 plus additional columns.

Yes, there was a setting to show more albums that is now missing.

Under Settings General, there is Customize Album Display but it only switches icons on and off.
And I checked that pinch to zoom doesn’t work.
@support Is this gone, or are we missing something?

I would also like to know this! Way fewer covers visible at a time now. I’m sure this is a personal preference but for sure disappointing if this feature has been removed.

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It might reflect the age/eye performance of the aging beta testers :wink:

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