Missing option to avoid straight software updates (e.g. to Roon version 1.8)

Hey guys, I do want to repeat my serious wish for an option to avoid that people (wife, daughter, son, friends stopping by etc) just press “Update All” when they control Roon via remote app.
With all these things going on in your Support section, Roon 1.8 has serious issues which still need to be resolved. Why can’t you not like others (e.g. Apple) have a box (automated update: yes/no) with “no” meaning that I will only get a hint that there is an update but with further steps required by an admin user prior to running update across the whole house?
I am lost.


It’s precisely the same thing as having a forced and unwanted W10 “update” rammed down your throat. What’s not to love?

Hm, seems like all the other still try to digest 1.8 :wink:

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