Missing Playlists [resolved]

I’m not sure if this is a bug, by design or User error (mine), Last night I started creating a playlist on my ipad & this afternoon tried to carry on adding items from my PC.
To my surprise I could not “see” any of my ipad playlists on my PC & vice versa.

Global playlists are enabled but doesnt seems to help.

Is this expected behaviour? If yes then could you review it with a view to making playlists created on one device accessible from all. If not, Help! :wink:

Are you sure you didn’t create the playlist under a different profile? Viewing global playlists isn’t the same as viewing all playlists.

Thanks Mike, that was it. I setup a profile to try to get around the lack of a “tidal switch” and was still logged in to it.

Solved. :blush:

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