Missing Qobuz Albums

Hi @noris I’m not sure if this is the same issue but two day ago I joined Qobuz, a new account. I exported my Tidal favourite albums (via Soundiz) to Qobuz and then set up my account in Roon.
After a synchronising Roon/Qobuz only 152 of 472 albums appear in Roon Library.
I have cleared the Roon cache and resynchronised, logged out & in many times but can’t get the missing albums to appear.

Roon/Browse/Qobuz/My Qobuz/Favourite Albums/More… shows all 472 albums, they just don’t all appear in the Roon Library.
I may be missing something here but would appreciate your thoughts.


Hi @PixelPopper ,

Can you please let us know the information requested here?


I think I have albums missing to. Just checked in Roon made sure show duplicates is on as I have many that are hires and cd and have merged them. Roon says 2602, just used Soundiiz and its says 2718 quite a considerable difference. Can’t query how many albums you have via Qobuz app which is annoying so either of these could be wrong or Roons identifying some as singles and not albums where Qobuz is seeing them as albums? Either way there is a mismatch.

[quote=“Qobuz content is no longer syncing with Roon [Support investigating], post:3, topic:161740”]

  • Setup details including networking devices in use and how your Core is connected
  • The region of your Qobuz account
  • Confirm whether or not the albums are still visible if you go to the Qobuz app or web player and look at your favorites

Hi @noris
Bt smarthub (router) hardwired to Core via a trendnet Gigabit 8 port ethernet switch. Core = Windows 10pro Media Player - i5, 8GB, also holds music files on internal disc). Control via iPad pro 12.9 & iPhone XR.

Qobuz is on a UK account.

The Quobuz favourites ARE visible in the App & Web player.

I have been adding manually from…

Roon/Browse/Qobuz/My Qobuz/Favourite Albums/More…

Even weirder when I look in the My Favourite albums section in Roons Qobuz portal I only see 530 albums not all 2602 that are in my library.

hi @noris another development, i manually added 466 albums to my library via the Qobuz menu (where they still exist) but this morning they have all disappeared from the library!!!

But this issue isn’t resolved as people are losing their albums AFTER the implementation:

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This morning, without taking any action to resolve, the Qobuz favourites are back in my library.
The fix appears to have worked for me, that said not all favourites appear in my library which is my original problem.
My Qobuz free trial isn’t going very well so far.

Hi all, we’re tracking this issue in the topic below, thanks!