Missing "Scheduled Backup" folders Crashes Roon 100%[Ticket in]

I’ve noticed this behavior in previous versions. Running latest RoonServer version on Ubuntu server. I reformatted my backup drive (local on my server) and now any attempt at remapping the backups is impossible as this causes Roon (not Roonserver) on Macbook and iPad to crash. Clicking on “View Scheduled Backups” causes a crash 100% of the time.

Hi @kayo ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The feedback is always appreciated!

I would like to grab some remotes logs from you so we can try and determine what could be causing this issue to occur. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions.


I have a similar problem. I’m running the latest version of Roon Server on a Mac Mini under macOS Sierra. I can Find Backups if I “Browse…” from Roon running on other Macs on my network; but when I click on “View” Scheduled Backups, Roon crashes immediately. This does not affect Roon Server, only the client app.

I see the last successful backup is registered as happening June 30. One BU is scheduled to occur each 4 days at 6 pm , the other every 4 days at 2am. I performed a “Backup Now” the other day with no problems but put it in different folder to the scheduled ones.

Looks like there could be a corruption somewhere and the reinstalling of the core and iPad APP the other day, as suggested by Andy, might not have fixed things. Oddly, the other day when I checked on the backups, Roon crashed but was OK second attempt. I cleaned out the backups in one of those two folders so it was emptied of files.

When I went to it just now Roon had crashed with the window asking what had been done immediately prior but I was unable to answer that as I have been working at this PC on and off for a bit doing various tasks before I noticed the Roon crash so cannot offer any helpful clues. Apologies for being inattentive.

Guys, thanks for the feedback. We were able to reproduce this issue, ticket was sent to the development team.


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I have a similar problem when attempting to key into “scheduled backup” on iPad or iMac control, the app crashes. I can initiate a backup but not set up a schedule. Had set a schedule but the system flagged a red warning box telling me the backup had not occurred.
Roon ROCK latest build.

The latest Roon build (version 1.3, build 242) fixed the problem for me – many thanks to the development team!