Missing Scroll Bars on Album View - scroll wheel stalls

Core Machine

Windows 10 PC, using Roon 1.8 b.790

Since upgrading to Roon 1.8 I’m missing the scroll bars on the individual Album view. I get scroll bars in the Albums, Artists, Tracks, Composers etc but no scroll bar on an album page.

I can use the scroll wheel on the mouse but this often stalls at different sections on the page and sometimes I can’t scroll to the bottom of the track listing. It can be remedied by click and dragging, but this is a little annoying. Am I missing something here? Is there some setting to turn on the scrollbar or is this intentional?

I’ve tried other mice and get the same response and this doesn’t effect any other software on my Win 10 system.

HI John,

They don’t seem to be on that page. You might make a Feature Request for addition to that page.

On the other hand, your mouse should not be “stalling”. If it is then there might be an issue with your mouse’s scroll wheel or something else. Do you have another mouse to test?

Thanks for confirming that I’m not the only one missing scrollbars. I don’t understand why they didn’t put any on the album view when they are present everywhere else … bonkers.
Tried two other mice, both act the same.

Hi @John_Birch,

Thanks for creating the feature request for this I’ll post in that topic shortly.

I just wanted to let you know that I hadn’t noticed the lack of scroll bar before on the album’s detail page, mainly because I use a mouse wheel to scroll (Logitech MX Master 3 or a on wired Microsoft mouse dependent on which PC I’m using) but in my case the scrolling works fine … so it does seem that something is amiss on your system thus it’s worth seeing if Roon can help with that.

The other thing I want to mention is that the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard will also scroll the screen, which might be a slightly easy way for you whilst this is being investigated.

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