Missing setting on iOS iPhone


First tried Roon complete on my mac map, then i tried roon core on my mbp and my iPhone to remote. It seems i don’t have all the same setting on the iOS. Example, i can’t choose the dsd upsampling, my dac (questyle) now con only play dsd convert to ppm because when i tried to choose dop i can’t validate this choice…

thank you for helping

You need to use your mac to adjust Roon’s DSP settings. The iPhone doesn’t have enough screen size to show the DSP window in it’s current incarnation and thus is unavailable as you’ve found.

Ok, i need to load another kind of roon on my mbp ?

You can have core and remote both on your mbp. Just install regular roon as well now that you have core installed. You only use it as a remote when you need it.

Yes it was that i did first, but I read i could be better to run core on a computer and the control point with another one ?
Thank you

The Windows and Mac downloads can run as Remote only, indenpendent from Roon Server – even on the same machine.

Choose to connect to your existing Core at first launch and it will function as Remote.

You are still doing that in a sense. You leave the light core running 24/7 on your mbp and only open the full GUI Roon on your mbp when you want to do a config change, browse or control the core. When away from your mbp you control the core from your iPhone.

Thank you, it works :slight_smile:
The last problem is with native DSD with the Questyle DAC, i have to use the DoP, the Native is not available …

thanks again

Native DSD is a windows ASIO thing in almost all cases. Some linux streamers will do it with certain USB chipsets.

macOS you are stuck with DOP.

oh ok. IF i want a native dsd i’ve to use a pc or linux…NAS, Nucleus…

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Windows is the only guarantee. Linux distros might support direct dsd to your dac or might not. It would require research on your part.