Missing system tray icon to launch at startup

I installed Roon on a Windows 10 machine. I do not see the Roon icon in the system tray. All of the latest Windows updates are installed. Any ideas?

Silly Question, did you install Roon or RoonServer. Roon does not have a system tray icon, RoonServer does. RoonServer does not have a graphical interface, Roon does.

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But there are no silly questions - but sometimes, impertinent answers could happen…

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I used the download that said it was the “all-in-one download.” Is this not the right download? I’m trying to use this machine for output and control.

Well, like a lot of answers it depends. Roon can be both the server and the control point, all in one, BUT, Roon does not install as a service, so no auto-start on reboot, and the program would need to be up and running.

RoonServer, which has no GUI, does install as a service, auto-starts on reboot, loads in the system tray. etc etc.

I use it by installing both. First install the RoonServer so its sets itself up as the server. Then, install Roon. This way when Roon comes up, you tell it NOT to be a server but to connect to an existing RoonServer. This way Roon will just function as the GUI client.

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For a combined Roon Core, Output and GUI (or Roon Remote) … Yep.

You should be able to see Roon from the Windows [start] button … view all programs.

So, is “server” the same thing as “core?”

I have a NAS already running as my core. I want this Windows 10 PC to stream from that NAS to my receiver. I also want to be able to control playback from this PC (and other devices). I want Roon automatically launched on this PC, for example when Windows reboots due to updates or power failures. These instructions seemed like just what I needed, but I didn’t have that launch on start option in the system tray.

I will install Roon Server and see what happens.

BTW, is there a document that defines all the terminology? I.e. is Core = Server? Endpoint = Output? Control = Remote?



That will help!

Sorry, do you mean you have downloaded Roon Server onto your NAS, when you say you “have a NAS running as your Core”? If so, you don’t need to install Roon Server on your Windows 10 PC… I’m confused…

This is what I have on my NAS: https://blog.rieke.tv/roon-server-on-nas/

Per your advice, I installed Roon Server. Now I have the launch at start option. I didn’t even bother to uninstall the Roon package that I originally installed. So, control and output from this PC is still working fine. Thanks!!

No No No … don’t do that … you already have Roon Server running on your NAS and you should only have one Roon Core.

Given what you have now said, I recommend installing Roon Bridge (it automatically start and functions as an RAAT audio endpoint.

Then you can just start Roon as a remote as and when required … independentantly with Roon Bridge handling the audio.

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If you already have a server/core in your system trying to add another will cause issues. I would not suggest running RoonServer on the PC.

Yikes!! :anguished:

Guess I will uninstall all the Roon components I installed on the this PC and start over… Roon Bridge first, then Roon for Windows 64 bit. That sound right? :crazy_face:

Roon Bridge for 64 bits if that is your OS. :smiley:

My Roon remote starts automagically when I start Windows. (I use Rock on a NUC as the server)
I used Norton Security startup manager and set Roon to start when windows starts.