Missing the new Album from Agnetha Faeltskog

Hi Fellow Roonies,
I was searching for the latest Album by Agnetha Faeltskog via Roon but could not find it. It’s available directly in all other streaming services. Any hint, why I can’t see it in Roon?
thanks, Volker

The latest album is from 2013. They released an EP from it.
You’ll find it in the singles in Roon.



ok - but a new version (inlcuding a new song) was released on October 13th 2023. The version you are referring to was called “A” and not “A+”

This is from the Qobuz app and it seems that they have a date error here if the album is really “A+”?

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Yes, this looks like a Qobuz error. The A+ Album can be found on their website: Here
with a release date on 14/05/2013, while Apple Music has the correct date 13. October 2023 Here

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