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There is a new Guns ‘n’ Roses single that was released on Friday, but it’s not showing up in roon. [Moderated].

Patience, young Padawan, patience!

Sometimes it can take a few extra hours for new “Friday” releases to show up in Roon.
There are numerous threads as to the why’s and wherefore of this.
A few minutes searching will reward you if curious!

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It’s been 24 hours. This is just stupid.

Have you tried adding it in Tidal and syncing your Roon Tidal library, that’s my usual trick after a Friday launch day

Thanks, Michael.

I did that on Friday and tried again just now to no avail, unfortunately. I presume that this release was unanticipated by roon and they’re still taking their sweet time to add it. :man_shrugging:t2:

It sometimes happens, and I had an album last week.
The relationship between Tidal/Qobuz and Roon do not work like other companies.
There is the feed, and sometimes annoyingly an album does not show up for several days.

All other services just make an API call, this is not like that, which for the most part works well, but when it does not it is very annoying.


This is the way it is, was, and will be. Roon has explained why many times here. I just play missing music directly on Tidal or Qobuz until it shows up on Roon. It’s really no big deal.

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I don’t know how to bypass roon on my setup, unfortunately.

My setup is like this: core running ROCK to Bridge to amp. I went with Roon because it claimed to be able to integrate everything from streaming to my library, so my connections are pretty limited.

Is there a quick workaround that you can suggest for when roon is not working properly?

Sadly there is no workaround from within Roon. The best I usually try (and it’s about 95% effective) is to add them in Tidal and refresh in Roon.
Sometimes the odd album seems to be missing from the integration and there is nothing can be done until it turns up.
It’s fairly rare but very annoying as said earlier.
Not much I can offer besides that, unless you have Chromecast or Airplay to use from the Tidal app.
Not great I know, but the best I can offer

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Thanks, Michael. I guess we’re stuck with this until roon figures out a solution.

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Its not as bad as you are thinking.
This only happens occasionally and rarely takes longer than 48 hours but yes exceptions do occur.

As I said earlier, do a quick search of these forums for the reasoning as explained by Roon themselves.

Have a blessed day!

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Kursten yes there are some things that Roon do seem to just ignore (though the latest version really has improved Tidal integration). What @AceRimmer says is correct, though not sure of the point in searching as that is only going to give you reasons and not a fix :wink:

If you have an Android phone I strongly recommend it’roXs! for the purpose of lock screen and notification controls, it’s a great little app.
If you are an iPhone user I can offer no advice sorry


Because if they understood the reasons as to it, they may be a little more forgiving and understanding of said slight inconvenience.
Over and out!

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See you on the other side Dreamer…
There are frustrations in Roon, though it is still the best software I have used in this area by a long way

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I said this in another place, so I’ll restate it here and then close this out:

This album was released Friday on TIDAL. TIDAL has not yet included the album in the data dumps we have processed. It’ll get there, and it’ll take time. There is nothing I or anyone else can do about this.

Normally we know about new albums in advance, but they are embargoed until a certain date. Then we can have them all ready to go, and just “unlock” them on that date. Sometimes that’s not the case, and the album doesn’t show up until after the release. This is one of those cases.

Sometimes things can slip because the daily dump was delivered late, other times it’s just not in there (probably because it wasnt ready when they generated the dump on their end). These are multi-terabyte database dumps, and everything takes time.

Usually, they show up in 1-2 business days, but we’ve seen it take upwards of a week.