Missing Tidal album in "My Collections"

When I find an album I like in Tidal and I click the heart it gets added to My Roon Library. I was expecting it to also get added to the “Tidal My Collections” but it is not there. Sorry as I am new to Roon and Tidal so I probably am missing something simple - but - How do I get the Tidal Album to appear in the Tidal “My Collection”?? Thanks in advance

Just tried this and can confirm the shame t’s not shown up. I never used this section normally as it’s not searchable or quick sorted but appears to be a bit broken. I can see it in Tidal app, database has been manually synced still doesn’t show up but is in Roon library.

Thanks for the reply. I use the my collections part of Roon Tidal because I can quickly play several of the albums I recently downloaded. When the albums are added to the Roon library (and you have a large number of albums) it is cumbersome to find and track them. And since the albums are free — I am doing a lot more “try it and see if I like it” listening.

Can’t agree with that it’s all too clunky. If you just looking at new releases not added to your library yes I use the new releases sections to try them out but never look at albums I have added to Roon bulk or otherwise as none of Roons filtering or focus works . They are all easily found in the recently added section on the home page or You can also create a focus to show recently added and save it as a bookmark for quick use as it will update automatically adding new stuff. Plenty of ways to skin the cat in Roon funny how we all do it differently. That said this needs fixing as it should work.