Missing Tidal Albums (and corresponding tracks)

In my Overview screen I usually (and normally) have … 611 Albums.

Though sometimes when I restart Roon I only have … 516 Albums.

So 95 Albums (and their tracks which I favourited) go missing.

This seems just to be related to Tidal Albums only … my iTunes music library on my MacBook has no problem and is always stable.

To get the missing Tidal Albums (and tracks) back … I go into Settings “Services” and choose “Sync Library Now”. This resolves the problem … until the next time I start Roon.

This happened again today … I had to go to Roon settings, services, and re-synch my Tidal library.

This issue appears to be have resolved … frequency has gone from every time I start Roon … to never … that is it does not seem to happen anymore.

What I has changed ?
When I start my MacBook, I manually force to AMD graphics card.
Then start Roon.

Before I had Roon starting automatically on turning on my MacBook (which use’s Intel graphics card by default) … now I use GFX utility to force to AMD graphics card before ever starting Roon for the first time.

This fixed my garbled graphics issue … and apparently fixed this issue as well.

Spoke too soon … issue still exists.

After 4 starts of Roon … it was correct with 613 Albums.

Though I just did a restart of Roon then got 589 Albums.

Next Restart had 589 Albums … though a few secounds later went to 613 Albums (the correct number).

Anyway, this issue is not a biggie … know that my graphics issue is resolved I rarely restart Roon … just thought I would do a bit more testing.

Still happens with build 29 … on startup I usually need to go into settings and resynch Tidal. I do not need to restart Roon (or my MacBook) often … so the issue remains not very worrying … more of an observation really. Build 29 is good for me, thanks guys.

Still happens with Build 30 … though the issue is no longer missing some Tidal tracks or albums … when I start up Roon. It seems to be missing all Tidal tracks & albums when I start Roon (though my SMB connection for local personal music files to my Airport Extreme seem to b rock solid since I got rid of AFP).

So everytime I start Roon, I go into “settings”, then “services” then resynch Tidal.

So I have an easy workaround, though wonder why this happens (missing Tidal music everytime I start up).