Missing TIDAL/Qobuz new releases

Anyone got Tidal or Qobuz to load today’s album releases?

No sign of them here :frowning:

Really odd.

I can add albums if I go into Tidal directly via their app, if I favourite them they appear in the overview but no sign of them in the Tidal section of Roon.

Can anyone else confirm the same issue?


If you mean ‘What’s New’ in Tidal, I just checked and got a screen of albums. Don’t know if they’re the newest or not.

That is precisely what I mean, should be able to see albums by Peter Gabriel, The Cranberries, Rob Thomas, The Alan Parsons Project, among many others. Still showing last weeks offering, same with Qobuz.

I have the same issue. Neither Tidal or Qobuz have updated “New Albums”.

Thank you, so it’s not just me, saves me rebooting everything again :slight_smile:

@brian Do you know why this might be happening?

I have new albums availble, such as Peter Gabriel, Alan Parsons, Nils Lofgren (playing right now)
I am living in Belgium

Yes, I can see the latest albums from Qobuz both in their own app and in Roon.

Are you using ROCK as your server?

No, Pink Faun streamer (running Audiolinux)

Odd, just synched both Tidal and Qobuz accounts and still no sign.

Thanks @dylan


In case you have not seen this post from Roon’s CTO the process of integrating Tidal’s weekly new releases into Roon’s database takes 3-27 hours for Tidal to make the data available to Roon and 12 hours for Roon to process the data. Danny said if new releases don’t show up within 40 hours then they can be considered late. Presumably integrating Qobuz’s new releases takes a similar amount of time.



I know it’s usually a few hours behind, but never experienced this kind of delay.

If 40 hours is considered ‘normal’ then maybe ‘normal’ needs to change. A few hours is annoying enough.


I agree it would be nice if new releases showed up quicker but I’m not sure it’s possible.

Tidal & Qobuz probably can’t be forced to make their data available on any schedule other than the one that makes the most sense for them. That’s theoretically over 60 million tracks for Tidal and over 40 million for Qobuz. Then Roon has to download and process all the data and that appears to take a while which doesn’t seem unreasonable considering they have to process 100 million tracks.


That sounds like a horse power issue, if it is this is going to get worse. :frowning:

In Roon under new releases in Qobuz it still shows the ones from last week when I have a ‚all genres‘ selected, but when I select only ‚Pop/Rock‘ then I get the new ones from 26.4.19. It was like that already last week. Try to see genre by genre if you get the new albums. In fact you can select all genres and unselect one (e.g. Diction) and you will get almost all new ones.

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Same symptoms for me. The first time I choose Pop/Rock in Qobuz I got some sort of “timed out” message, I didn’t write it down. It was a pink dialog box at the bottom of the screen on Windows. On the second try the screen populated correctly.

Same symptom here on Qobuz, select all genres, no update, deselect any random genre and all the new albums appear. @brian

No such option in Tidal.

Over the past couple of months I became tired of waiting for new Tidal releases to populate within Roon. So now on Fridays I just go to the Tidal App to see what is new. Once I see a track I put it in the Roon/Tidal search box and even if it isn’t showing on the “What’s New in Tidal;” page it will be found by search. Exactly what I did this morning with the new Josh Ritter release.