Missing Tracks After Import - I think I've tried all the posted solutions

  1. Ripped a CD with 8 tracks to FLAC using XLD, added them to the Roon directory on a Synology (up-to-date). Rip log indicated no errors.

  2. Did a Force Rescan but tracks 5-8 were not showing in Roon

  3. Went through the re-scan, identify, track reconciliation steps, file based metadata options - tracks still missing

  4. Checked skipped files - nothing

  5. Removed album (all 8 files) and artist folder from Synology - confirmed recycle bins were purged

  6. Quit Roon Core / shut down Mac Mini running Core

  7. Restarted Synology

  8. Played each of the missing tracks in local players (Vox & VLC) - no skips nor issues

  9. Restarted Mac Mini / Roon

  10. Added album again to Synology

  11. Force rescan - still missing 4 tracks.

  12. Re-ripped album using dBpoweramp and repeated most of the process outlined above - missing tracks 5-8 again.

I have screen captures if needed.

What am I missing or doing incorrectly?

Roon 1.3 (build 276)

Mac Mini (late 2012) 10.9.5
Synology DS415play (DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2)

I have a similar problem that started with 1.3 and continues. Every time I add an album to the Watched Folder only the first track or two will display.

My work around is to have two folders in my Music Folder (designated as the Watched Folder). I add the album to the first folder (and Roon only shows first track or two). I then transfer it to the second folder (where all my albums reside). As soon as I do this Roon picks up all the tracks.

The folks at Roon (and Salk Sound, the maker of my streamer) have been unable to duplicate this behavior, so have been unable to identify and fix the problem. :frowning:

Fortunately my work around is simple and quick, but annoying nonetheless.

Maybe, some of the tracks’ titles have characters that Roon can’t deal with?


Thank you for the suggestions. Still no luck. I’ve ordered another CD of the album ($4.59 shipped from Amazon) with hopes there is in fact something awry with the first CD. Hoping it rips well and the tracks all discovered by Roon.