Missing Tracks from CD Rip

I reviewed other missing track threads, some pointed to 1.1 as solution to ongoing issues. I’m on the newest version 94 and tried my first rip with limited success. See that tracks 2,7,9,14,15 are in the file store, but Roon didn’t include them. Some of those tags may have special characters. A couple didn’t quite pass accurate rip as this is not a well known cd to the typical references. Any ideas?

in my experience as a Roon user, if there are characters in the rip that can’t be displayed such as “?” this will affect the SMB remote mounting and importing into the database. since track 15 is missing as well perhaps there is another character messing that up.

Thanks, that was my first guess, but I’m new (1 weeks) to Roon. I may have to bring up a hexeditor from the back side and see what those are, edit and re-scan to see what happens. Others seem to work fine though I don’t typically do a lot of classical and foreign music with accented characters.

Hey @Tom_Schmidt – if you haven’t already edited the files and resolved this, it would be great if you could set aside a copy of them for us to have a look at.

If possible, could you zip them up and PM me a link to Dropbox or similar service? If you don’t have a way to upload them, let me know and I can PM you directions for uploading them directly to us.