Missing Tracks From iTunes Library

Same here though I’m not missing nearly as much music as you are, about 250 tracks from my iTunes library.

I asked the same question elsewehere on the forum and in a mail to support but no answer on both counts.
I read the reply you got to your question and I was thinking … “You got to be kidding!!!”
Giving a standard answer copied from the faq to someone who’s mising more than half of his library???

My files are on a external thunderbolt drive by the way, so it has nothing to do with the network drive.
These results are when using my iTunes Library. Should I stop using that and copy everything into a Roon managed folder?
I do lose iPod sync and metadata editing at that point though, which is a problem by itself.

Would be sweet if someone from the Roon team takes the missing files issue that more people have seriously and give us a real answer instead of a copy and paste from the FAQ.
Any way to find out which files are actually missing short of going over thousands of tracks one by one?

Hey @Luna – the reason we ask people to read the FAQ topic first is because those are the most common reasons for missing files.

Can you confirm that none of the reasons listed apply here? What kinds of files are missing? Are you sure they have no DRM that might prevent them from being imported?

If you’ve checked all the above, can you upload a missing file or two to Dropbox or similar and PM a link to @support so we can take a look at the media itself before moving onto deeper troubleshooting?

Thanks and sorry for the slow response here!

Hi Mike,

As I posted in another thread I did check th faq first.

All the files in my iTunes library are either ALAC (ripped form CD or bought from HDTracks, so no DRM) or AAC (old converted MP3 or bought from iTunes store). For the music bought from iTunes store, at the time Apple was going DRM free I made sure to upgrade all my DRM protected music to DRM free at a small price as I recall. I verified this again in iTunes, I have no DRM protected music.

Regarding folder requiremnts, I don’t have any music in the folders that are skipped by Roon and have no music folders starting with a period, just one with a - ’ - but the music from that one is imported.

I do have a few small files and I know which they are and why I keep them but that’s not nearly as much as I am missing, about 10 tracks vs. 250.

Now I’d be happy to let you know which files are missing if I knew myself.
Is there a method to find this out without manually going over an entire Library?

It’s been a somewhat common request, but it requires some pretty major changes to how our importing process works. It’s going to happen, possibly along with some other storage fixes we’re working on right now, but I don’t have a firm time frame.

How are you arriving at the 250 number? If you have an example of a track or two that’s missing, we can definitely take a look and see if there’s something wrong on our end.

While it’s not the most graceful solution, if you want to get forensic about it you can select all tracks in the Tracks browser and export a list of everything in Roon to compare to a list from iTunes or elsewhere.

How I arrive at the 250 number?
Pretty simple: the number of tracks in iTunes minus the number of tracks in Roon when I disable Tidal.

I’ll see if I can find some missing files when I have some time, else I’ll wait on the update to fix this. Manually going over those lists would be a job by itself. :wink:

Any change if you toggle the Hidden Albums setting, on the General tab of Preferences?

No, I tired that as well. I always keep it on by the way.
I’ll try to find some of the missing files over the weekend.
Of the top of my head I know a few that should be missing like those small files and music videos but those are no more than 30 or so.
I’m not worried about those as it’s normal they are missing. Wondering what the other 200+ might be though.

Roon reads my Hybrid DSD files made with DSD Master fine though. It plays the highres version contained in the file but not the DSD version which is normal. Would be great if Roon would be able to play the DSD part of those files as well so I could keep DSD in iTunes but Iguess that would mean teaming up with the developer of BitPerfect.