Missing Tracks from ripped CD [Solved]

Hi All,
I’m not sure if this is the right place but…

I have just added a new ripped CD to the watched folder, it consists of eleven tracks (FLAC FORMAT) but roon is only “seeing” the first track and appears to be treating this as a single. I have tried everything I can to locate/add the remaining tracks but have run out of ideas. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.

FTR I have checked network access, path & files and everything appears in order.

Stumped! :roll_eyes:

Hi Paul,

Is it possible that the missing tracks are showing up in Roon as another part album ? Sometimes when album metadata isn’t quite what Roon expects it can create two albums from one. If you go to Albums view, sort by Date Added and see two albums instead of one then you can merge them. Just select both (Right click or long press) go the Edit menu and select Merge Albums.

If that’s not the problem then @Eric will pop in shortly and may want to look at the files. Be nice to Eric, he’s broken his hand so we wish him a speedy recovery and forgive any typo’s he may make :mask:.

This happens to me when I:

  1. Rip on a Mac
  2. Use Roon on a PC to look at the files.

This is because XLD by default uses track names as file names, including " and other illegal characters. Then Roon can’t see them.

Likely not your problem, but worth mentioning.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the tip, that was the problem, now sorted & I can listen to the whole album.

Many thanks,



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Thanks Ludwig,

As you say not the problem in this case but will still help someone I’m sure.