Missing tracks I Roon vs Tidal

I use Tidal HIFI with a Swedish account connected to Roon.
I have noticed that some songs and album in tidal don’t show up in Roon.
For example in the tidal app I find this EP https://tidal.com/album/90084594 but in Roon there is no sign of this, search for it but only other albums and songs shows from the artist. What do I do wrong?


Hey @Stefan_Elmberg, thanks for sharing your report with us!

I just checked myself, and I am seeing the album that you linked to above in Roon. I do see that it is a relatively new release and, as mentioned in our TIDAL documentation, there may be times when there is a slight delay between when an album is added to TIDAL and when it is available in Roon.

Can you confirm that you are now seeing this album in Roon?


Hi Dylan,

Yes now I can see the album, Thanks for the info.


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