Missing tracks (iTunes) and not using iTunes lib at all?[Solved]

Hi there!

Just started to try Roon and so far I’m very very impressed, but still have an issue and a question regarding iTunes integration.
As I’ve used iTunes for many years with all my lossless audio as a database that I’ve pretty much babied when it comes to metadata, artwork etc I noticed at first start up that Roon is way way way better att everything related to actually using the music. That has given me a whole new idea on what I really have in my library of over 6000 albums!

Now the issue.
I’ve noticed that Roon misses out on tracks on many album. Almost always track one and sometimes one or more tracks of the album. Why is this? Do I do something wrong, because the missing track is available in iTunes and plays ok from there, but Roon refuse to show that or those tracks?

And the question.
What is really the difference between loading the iTunes xml-file rather than just to let Roon monitor the folder where iTunes music is stored?
I understand that I miss out on playlists etc, but will the actual music be more easy to find in regard of the problem above?

Best greetings from Sweden,

Hello Thomas (@Thomas_Rosander),

Thanks for trying out Roon. Roon relies on the iTunes XML file in terms of file location and doesn’t scan the music folder itself - this can lead to the issues like the one you’ve described.

Since your are starting from scratch, I would recommend to use a Watched folder feature and point Roon to the folder which contains your music files. Pros of such setup is that it will eliminate iTunes integration complexity, cons is that you won’t be able to transfer iTunes playlists into Roon library.


Hi there!

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve done it the way you suggest since I rarely use playlist other than to transfer tracks to my phone.
Looks like this works a whole lot better!

Thanks a lot,