Missing tracks on albums

I’ve been using Roon for some weeks now and so far have found at least a dozen or so albums with missing tracks. In each case Roon seems to identify the album just fine.

I’ll use ZZ Top’s Antenna as an example. According to Roon the album is “ALAC 44.1kHz 16bit 2ch 4 minutes Soundtrack”. Only track number 3 World of Swirl is shown. Fix Track Grouping fails to find the missing tracks, suggesting that this is the only ZZ Top track that I have. However Finder shows all 12 tracks of this album. iTunes and Sonos both play all the tracks without problems. What to do…?

Majority of my albums are on a NAS. The main music folder is one of the two “Watched folders” I’ve set up. Subfolder structure is a typical Artist > Album and the files are mostly m4a with some dsf and mp3’s. Here is an example of the found track
according to Finder: smb://192…//iTunes/ZZ Top/Antenna/03 World Of Swirl.m4a
according to Roon: /Volumes/Roon-iTunes/ZZ Top/Antenna/03 World Of Swirl.m4a

My setup is as follows:
Mac Mini (Mid 2011) / 2,3 GHz Core i5 / 8 GB / OS X 10.10.4
Roon Version 1.0 (Build 30

Am I the only one with this problem, of tracks not showing with Roon?

Hey @jvallius – sorry for the slow reply here. I missed your post the first time around.

There are a few known issues here, almost all of which are fixed for our upcoming 1.1 release. There are some circumstances where tracks are being skipped or considered corrupt, when they are actually OK. We will be handling this class of file more gracefully in the next release and being a little more permissive about importing. There are also a few issues with NAS drive scanning that are resolved.

I’d be interested to confirm whether this is related to the media itself. Do you mind zipping up the ZZ Top album for me? If you have a way to send it over via Dropbox or similar methods, you can just PM me a link. Otherwise, I can send you some instructions for uploading the media directly to me.

Once I have the files in hand I’ll be able to confirm whether this is related to the media or something in your environment, and also whether this is fixed for our next release.

Let me know if that all makes sense. Sorry for the trouble here, and looking forward to getting this resolved for you soon!

Dropbox link sent…

Thanks @jvallius – I can confirm this issue is resolved for our next release. Here are your files in Build 30 (which you’re currently running):

And here’s the current code which will go live with our 1.1 release:

I think this is related to some recently-resolved issues with our ALAC decoder – look for this to resolve itself in your collection once 1.1 is released.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience!

That is good news. Thank you for your help Mike.

Please help.

After upgrading to 1.1 I still have several albums with missing tracks. When I look at the watched files on my QNAP I see that several tracks are more than one time in the list. So far I don’t see any logic why tracks are shown or not. They are all exported from Soloos.
My setup is a QNAP 451 with my core on a Mac mini 7i 8 Gb 256 Gb SSD.


The 1.1 upgrade has improved things a lot for me. Many of the problematic albums now work fully, but there are still some tracks missing from some of the albums. Antenna is still missing track 4, like in Mike’s screen cap above too. Also missing are, for example:

Sting, Mercury Falling, track 6
Sting, Ten Summoner’s Tales, tracks 1 & 11
Nits, dA dA dA, tracks 4, 8, 11

What these albums have in common is that these are all older rips done with iTunes. I’ve since used almost exclusively XLD, which gives an AccurateRip Summary. Perhaps these missing tracks had “too many” errors for Roon…? Unfortunately I no longer have these CD’s so I can’t try ripping the again.

Thanks for the report @pieterdvr and @jvallius@kevin will be in touch tomorrow and will grab a few files from you so we can look into this.

It’s possible this is a bug in Roon, or it’s possible something in your setup is preventing the files from being properly scanned and imported. Once we have media from you guys, we’ll be able to figure this out.


When I set show hidden tracks, I see that all tracks are shown. Normally the tracks that I do not see are all marked as duplicates. The tracks that I see all have one version of the track that is not marked as duplicate, but there are other versions of the same track that are marked as duplicates.
I have two questions:

  1. How can there be multiple tracks.
  2. How can there be multiple tracks sometimes with only duplicates and sometimes with one non-duplicate.


Hi @kevin,

As you asked I have send you some files with a message, bur so far I haven’t heard anything from you.


Still looking into it @pieterdvr! Hang tight, I’ll have an update for you soon.

Any news regarding this?

The coming update should solve this problem.


Hey @jvall – if you’re still seeing files in your library fail to appear in Roon, I’d love to take a look at them.

Do you mind sending me a dropbox link via PM? I can give you another way to upload them directly to us if you’d prefer.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble here!

PM sent…


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