Missing tracks or consumer protection?

Good day.

Now and then I note albums that are missing tracks in Tidal/Roon…

Case in point - Europe '72 in Roon has one song. In Tidal all tracks are present.


That’s strange. All the tracks appear correctly and play in Roon via Qobuz:-


Same here (Qobuz)

Thanks - it is weird. I thought it might be AI blocking the Grateful

Dead to protect my neighbours.


From your Roon screenshot it appears that’s your local copy :slight_smile:

From your Tidal screenshot it appears your have not added that album to your library and therefore it would not show up in Roon library.

Click on the Versions tab in Roon and add one from there.


Thank you very much!
My local copy has all the tracks so its a 1/2 solved mystery - but listening to it from Tidal is fine.

Again - thanks

Not sure I follow :slight_smile: Please click on version tab, take a screenshot of all which show up and pose here.