Missing tracks/wrong track

I have two Thin Lizzy 24/192 albums. Black Rose and Live and Dangerous. Both missing two tracks. Tried fix track grouping but cant find them there. When I look into my NAS they are there. What have happened? Can I force import?

I´ve tried ripping The Sweet Desolation Boulevard twice. Both times Roon gets the first track wrong. Roon says ity´s Ballroon Blitz. In reality it´s The Six Teens. If I left click the track and look at track info it says it´s The Six Teens. What´s wrong? Can I force a namechange?


Forgot. JRiver gets these issues right.

Well, I guess that depends on which version you have. For me, my CD has Ballroom Blitz as the first song and The Six Teens as the second. But, it sounds like you are just accepting the default match that Roon does. You can choose between different versions of the same album yourself.

After you have ripped the CD, Go to the Album, click on the edit pencil and go to Identify Album. Choose Desolation Blvd (which should say “Roon is using this…blah blah”, and there should be a version selector right under the pic of the album. Click through and see if the UK pressing (which is what I think you have) is there. If Not, you can still re-arrange the tracks yourself and save them in the correct order.

I own both Black Rose and Live and Dangerous in 24/192 I have all the tracks. My versions have 9 tracks for BR and 17 for LaD. Which tracks are missing for you? It might be something is messed up in those tracks’ metadata.

How Jriver and Roon function completely differently, btw. JRiver only uses the tag information in your files and that is what it presents back to you. Roon doesn’t use your tag information unless you specifically instruct it to. For example, Roon wants to call “Black Rose” (for me) “3 Black Rose”. I had to go under the album edit and tell Roon to use the actual file tag instead.

I still have some missing tracks on albums after the update as well. Mostly 24/192 ALAC files. Converted one album to FLAC and the tracks appeared like magic. There must still be issues with the ALAC decoder?

I’d like to get a look at one of those files @Bridgeless – can you upload one to Dropbox or similar, and PM me a link? Or alternatively, I can send you some instructions for uploading the file directly to us.

And to answer @Jonas_Sjodin’s original question, I would agree with @Rugby that finding a better match in Roon’s database will be the best option. You could also try this:

  • Select the incorrectly named track (right click, or click and hold)
  • Click Edit in the top-right
  • On the Edit Track tab, choose to use your file tags instead of Roon’s metadata

Let me know how it goes. Thanks guys!

I’ll do that either tonight or tomorrow, Mike. Thanks!

Strangely the Thin Lizzy tracks appeared suddenly yesterday :grinning:
Sweets Desolation Boulevard is Another matter. The last version had The Sixteens instead of Ballroom Blitz. But 18 tracks was differing.However the new? editing possibility is pretty good.
thanks Mike!