Missing Version - Melody Gardot Currency of Man (The Artist's Cut)

When adding Melody Gardot Currency of Man (The Artist’s Cut) to Roon, it does not identify the album and I only see 5 versions when I try to match and none are the correct Artist’s Cut Versions

According to AllMusic there are 6 Versions

These two are have the correct Tracks/Ordering/Metadata

15 Track Digital Version

15 Track CD Version

Roon/Qobuz is showing a version of the Artists Cut but the Songs are in a different order.

Can you please add the missing versions?

Thanks for the report, @StageOne! I’ve passed this along to the team for further investigation. We appreciate the feedback.

Hi @StageOne. Please would you verify whether or not this is now fixed?

It’s now fixed and Roon identifies the album correctly, Thank you!


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