Missing xml playlists, yet again!

Hi @support,

To me one of the most annoying and mysterious quirks in Roon is the disappearing xml playlists.
I just added a few new albums to my iTunes library which later synchronized it with my Roon music folder.

All the settings in Roon and iTunes, folder structure and network are the same. My playlist xml files reside in the same watched folder as always. There has not been any recent updates in Roon either.
Now all my iTunes xml playlists have disappeared from Roon.
I have had this problem before (x2) and it seems that eventually fixed itself.

In the meantime I have no playlists available. But why? What gives? Is there any way I can fix it? I have tried rescanning the music folder and both rebooting/shutting down the server (ROCK v1.6-416/NUC).

Is there anyway of preventing this from happening?

Very annoying to say the least!

Hi @JoseL,

Can I please ask you to share a few screenshots to better understand this issue? Screenshots of the following would be useful:

  1. Your Roon Settings -> Storage tab
  2. The location of your your playlist via another PC in Mac Finder/Windows Explorer

Are the files contained in these playlist still visible if you search for them directly in your Roon database? Where is the location of the playlists and media files, are they on a connected storage device on the ROCK or on a NAS?

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