Mistake during trial[Solved]

I’m newbie here and would like to trial. Unfortunately, I mistake to cancel my trial after I tried in just one day. Would you please help me to remedy trial again. I would like to try with touchable with my owned HQplayer.

Thank you

@mike @kevin

Just fixed up your account @Kitti_Kamlangpat! I reopened your trial and set it to expire March 3.

May possible to clean up history of the machine installed in previously into your recorded? That was accidentally installed and tested. I would like to test it on actual PC machine that should install and use after trial period ended.
Don’t mind if this is out of condition.
Thank you

Hey @Kitti_Kamlangpat,

You just need to login Roon on your other PC and when it informs you that your account as already been using on the other machine press “Unauthorize” button.

Let us know how it goes.

It’s working like a charm.
Thank you for your great support.

Thanks for info @Kitti_Kamlangpat :wink: