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John Scofield Discography

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

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It looks like an artist named SCO has been confused with John Scofield and currently albums by both artists are listed under John Scofield’s name. The data source is Tidal, but in Tidal artists are listed separately (correctly).


I’m also seeing those albums in the discography for John Scofield. And if i go to that first album (“DUNGESTEP”), and if I click on the artist “SCO” (with the triangles in the name, oddly) it goes directly to John Scofield. (Both tidal and qobuz entries exhibit this behavior)

Something definitely is goofy with the metadata with that artist! Something about those special characters in the name?

I have plenty of John Scofield in my library, so it only appears if I click on his discography. Doesn’t show up in my library, thankfully.

looks like it’s an Electronic music group from Russia (bandcamp link below)

I see the same issue. I have 7 Scofield albums in my local library and Tidal adds a bunch I don’t own + many by △Sco△

I have to filter in discography for Scofield. Then only he shows up

Yes, there’s a bad equivalence going on here, but I can’t see why at the moment. Either TiVo or MusicBrainz have mislabeled a Scofield album or credit, or one or all of our streaming services have a Scofield album attributed to △Sco△.

Will try and nail it tomorrow unless someone can point out an obvious error. It might be an album that’s only available in a particular streaming service region.

Finally tracked this one down… The following single has incorrectly been assigned to John Scofield rather than △Sco△, which is resulting in the bridging of these two artists.

I’ve requested that it be corrected.


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This is now fixed on our servers. Please allow up to a week for the corrected metadata to be pulled into your libraries. Thanks for reporting this @Krzysztof_Grabowski!

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