Mistitled tracks 2-7, disc 3, Mahler's "The Complete Symphonies [12 CDs]" by Simon Rattle

After a lot of moving around in the identification editor (I started with 30-40 mismatches and ended with 6, which 6 were off by a few seconds but with plausible titles), I now have tracks 2-7, disc 3, all titled “In Tempo des Scherzos. Wild herausfahrend” (see below) This despite the fact that https://www.allmusic.com/album/mahler-the-complete-symphonies-12-cds-mw0003062561 gives tracks 2-7, disc 3, different titles (eg, for track 2, “Wieder sehr breit”).

I wouldn’t care except that I cannot manually (ie, via Track Editor) get the titles changed. Eg, I typed in “Wieder sehr breit” for track 2, but as so often (but not always!?) the case, the change is not ignored insofar as the Overview track title is concerned.



These are not track titles; they are composition parts. You cannot change them by editing track titles. To do so, you would need to make use of WORK and PART files tags and to Prefer File for Multi-Part Composition Grouping for the album.

OK, that worked. Thanks!

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