"Mix" albums are being listed by DJ rather than under "various artists"

Just as the title says - Roon appears to be listing DJ mix compilations under the DJ or mixers name, rather than under “various artists” like the rest of the compilations.

I would rather keep all compilations together, mixed or unmixed, and separate from albums.

I already have the option selected to show compilations under “various artists” rather than album name. Can the above problem be addressed as well? Thanks!

I would prefer the opposite : if a specific DJ has mixed an album, I’d like it to appear under the DJ’s catalogue, not under Various Artists - although VA’s are of course usually involved.

Isn’t that why we have Album Artist ?

Perhaps such albums should show up in both places - or their should be an option / toggle…

@extracampine : So as you see this is a really subjective thing, also from the metadata providers view, I talked about that here already

and also asked @mike about how they will handle that but had no answer until now. As he answered several other questions he might just have overread it, there’s a lot going on in the forum the last days…

It’s just the question how one wants to handle that from his own preference I think, while there is a good argument for having it under the DJs catalogue then many mix CDs are left where the mixing DJ is not known that then have to have Album Artist ‘Various Artists’. I prefer to have this consistent acrross the board. Hopefully we can have a solution for both ‘versions’. A toggle switch would be great.

But here again, for now it seems Roon just take what they get from the metadata provider… Which is at least correct at first sight

Another problem with this is that there is inconsistency in Roon’s tagging of this. Some DJ compilations are listed under the DJ name on Roon’s database, and others are listed under Various Artists. What can we do about that?

You won’t get that consistent from the metadata providers, never ever. You can do that on your own. I talked to mike about that here.

you can follow the thread down…