Mixed source playlists

Is there a future where offline files, tracks from qobuz, and tracks from tidal can all be compiled into the same playlist or am I a dreamer of dreams all too bright and beautiful for this mundane world?

I have playlists with Tidal and local files in them, I don’t have qobuz so not sure about that one.
I just right click on the tracks I want to add (from local or Tidal source) and then just add it to the playlist. Are you saying you can’t do that?

I have Playlist with all 3, local, Tidal & Qobuz

Det går utmärkt Lukas!

Just right click (long click) your preferred tracks and add to your playlist, either new or existing.
It doesn’t matter where the tracks are located, local library, favorited Qobuz or even remote Qobuz/Tidal tracks (or even albums, should you desire)